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Quick Summary: Sets database fields that are calculated from other fields

How to Get There: Advanced/Set Calculated Fields

So that you can conveniently work with Time Logger's database in another application, such as Access, Time Logger some fields are calculated from other fields in the database.  For example, although the duration could be calculated from the start and end times, Time Logger stores duration data in the database.  Although the information is redundant, it's available for viewing in any application that can read .mdb files.

If you have modified some fields in another application, or if you have changed the minimum duration or duration increment, choosing Set Calculated Fields, will recalculate all the dependent fields.

For example, the start date, start time, end date, end time, and end fields are all calculated based on the Start (a date and time field) and the duration.

The calculated fields are: start date, start time, end date, end time, end, duration (as opposed to TrueDuration), timefee, tax, travelfee, internalfee and fee.