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Quick Summary: Lets you specify which fields to import from a text file.

How to Get There: File/Import/From a Text File

Time Logger will let you choose which fields to import, and in what order.  You can even skip over fields that are not relevant to Time Logger.


Fields in the Fields to Import list will be expected in the text file.  That is, each line in the text file should contain those fields in the order in which they are listed in the list box.

TIP: If you wish to skip a field in the text file to import, add the <Skip Field> line to the right-hand box. You may use as many <Skip Field> as you necessary.  This will allow you to import only the fields you need.

IMPORTANT: All of the rows in the text file to import must have the same number of fields (columns) and there can be no blank lines at the beginning, middle or end of the file.

In the example shown above, Time Logger would expect the import file to look something like this:

"10/24/2007","9:25am","11:22","AR Software","Mary Smith"

"10/25/2007","8:25","1:05 pm","AR Software","Mary Smith"

"10/26/2007","8:00","4:45pm","AR Software","Mary Smith"

"10/27/2007","8:00","14:45","AR Software","Mary Smith"

Insert -->

Choose this button to move the field selected in the left-hand list box to the right-hand list box.  The field will be inserted above the selected field in the right-hand box.

Append -->

When you choose this button, the selected field will be moved to the end of the list in the right-hand box.

<-- Remove

Choose this button to remove a field from the list box on the right.

If you have chosen to disallow overlapping records, you cannot import time records in the import file that overlap a time record for the same person that exists in the time record list.  If such a time record is encountered, Time Logger will stop and give you some choices.  You can skip that time record but continue with other records in the file, or stop importing altogether.


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