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    Saving your Settings In Environments

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You can save some or all of your current settings in an Environment file and quickly recall it later to restore all the settings stored in that Environment file.

Here are some examples of how you might use this powerful feature:

Save a default Environment for how you like to view your time records list in the main window
Save your Report settings for any type of report to instantly re-create a report
Save different column layouts and filters for different clients
Use different background colors for different clients
Easily set a different invoice template for each client

Different Settings to Save



Time Logger allows you to select different groups of settings to save.  This allows you to make very specialized Environments.


Checking just one box saves a single-purpose Environment.


If you wish to have a report that you run periodically and you wish to select which Client the report is for in the Filter and maybe also change the date range each time you run the report, then you could leave Filters unchecked, but check Appearance/Layout, Font, Sorting/Subtotals and Printing Options.  Each time you wish to view the report, you simply:


1.Load the Environment
2.Set the Filter
3.Click File/Print Preview.


NOTE: Use Other Options sparingly or not at all because it includes some global settings.  If you use Other Options in your Environments, be sure to first create a "My Default Setting" type Environment that also contains Other Options and load it after using your saved Environments.  See below for a list of the settings saved by Other Options.


To save your current settings in an environment:

2.The Environment Save Options window will appear, and let you choose which options you want to save.   .
3.Finally, select a filename for your environment.  Be sure to use a nice long, descriptive name such as "Month End Project Subtotals."

NOTE: Environment files saved by Time Logger version 4.x have an extension of .ev4


To reload a saved environment:

Just click the Tools menu and look for your Environment below in the alphabetized list of Load Environment: Some Descriptive Names.

NOTE: The first 30 alphabetized Environments in the last-used environment folder are displayed.  To load any Environment file, even those in other folders, select: Tools/Load Environment... (the one just below Tools/Save Environment...).



Loading an Environment From the Menu

Special Purpose Environments

The settings that Other Options includes are listed below.

Other Options

Automatically combine stopwatch record with records with the same descriptors and the same date

Backup Directory

Allow the icon to blink yellow when the stopwatch is paused

Daily Goal Option

Description Requirements

Distance Units

Duration Format

Duration Increment

Duration Mode

Full Menus

General Invoice Comment

Hide the Time Logger main window when a stopwatch is visible

Import Fields

Invoice Template File Name

Minimize To Tray

Minimum Duration

Restrict all users to this time records database file

Optimize For File Print

Pause Handling

Post Invoice (Yes/No - for invoicing multiple clients at once)

Print Invoice (Yes/No - for invoicing multiple clients at once)

Print Report (Yes/No - for invoicing multiple clients at once)

Reload last Time Records database file at startup.

Round Time To Two Places

Show Seconds In Stopwatch

Show Stopwatch When Starting U[

Play Sounds

Keep Stopwatch On Top

Summary Template File Name

Use Word Processor For Displaying Summary and Aging

Warn On Delete

Warn When Close In Progress

Word Processor Type