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    Sample Macro

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To give you an idea of how a macro might look, here's a simple example:

' This sample macro goes through all the records in the currently opened database

' For any record for which the person is "John Smith" and the project is "Jupiter Database"

' the macro will change the rate to $85.00 per hour

Sub Main

  Dim App As Object

  Set App = CreateObject("TimeLog.Application")


       App.SetSQL("select start, person, project, rate, key from timerecords order by start")

       NumRecords = App.GetNumRecords()

       Dim Person As Variant

       Dim Project As Variant

       Dim NewRate As Variant


       Dim ResultCode As Long

       Person = ""

       Project = ""

       NewRate = 85.00


       For i=1 To NumRecords

               If i=1 Then




               End If


               Person = App.GetFieldValue(1, ResultCode)        ' Field 0 = Start, Field 1=Person, Field 2=Project

               Project = App.GetFieldValue(2, ResultCode)        


               If Person = "John Smith" And Project="Jupiter Database" Then

                       MsgBox("Changing the Rate...")

                       App.SetFieldValue(3, NewRate)

               End If


       Next i



End Sub

Visit the Responsive Software web site for additional examples.