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    Resume Selected Record

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Quick Summary: Starts the stopwatch, pre-loading the duration with the duration of the selected record, and deletes the selected record.

How to Get There: Stopwatch/Resume Selected Record

When you select an existing time record, right-click and select "Resume Selected Record", Time Logger will:


1.Check to see if the stopwatch is already running.  If so, it will stop it first, completing a new time record, just as if you had clicked the Stop button.
2.Pre-loaded the Stopwatch window with the selected time record's duration and all of its descriptors
3.Delete the selected time record


For example, if at 3:00 PM you use "Resume Selected Record" on a time record you created in the morning that had a duration of 10 minutes, the Stopwatch will be set as if it had started at 2:50 PM, it will be loaded with the same descriptors as the selected time record, and finally the selected time record will be deleted.


IMPORTANT: There are two important things to note about this command:

1.It is likely to cause overlapping time records, so you will need to allow overlapping time records here: Tools/Global Options/Safety.  If you don't want overlapping time records, use Start Copy of Selected Record instead.
2.WARNING: you can loose the time for the original deleted time record if you click the Reset button in the stopwatch after selecting "Resume Selected Record."  If you're concerned about this, use Start Copy of Selected Record instead.


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