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    Restore from Backup

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Quick Summary: Lets you restore data that was saved with the Instant Backup command

How to Get There: File/Restore from Backup

IMPORTANT: The restore operation only works if you have Time Logger configured to back up your time record database.  By default Time Logger will do this for you.  We strongly suggest that you allow Time Logger to perform this operation unless, of course, you have your own backup system that is more effective than Time Logger's that you wish to use instead.

Restoring a Time Records Database File

When you choose File/Restore from Backup, Time Logger will display all of the backed up database copies in the backup folder.

NOTE: Make sure you view the Last Modified Date for the .bak files and pick the most recent one.  This is because the system will create the number of backup files you specify and then cycle through all the files, always replacing the oldest one with the newest one.  Thus, the number on the files will not correspond to the order or date of the backup.  To view the Last Modified Date, click the button on your Open window as illustrated to the right:



Begin by selecting the file with the most recent Last Modified Date (you might need to look at older ones, too), and Time Logger will copy it to a new file in your Main Directory with a name like "RecoveredDatabase??.mdb", where ?? is a unique number.  If you are going to continue to use this restored file, you should rename it to a logical name.