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    Purging Time Records

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The Time Record purging feature allows you to eliminate records that you are not interested in.  This feature is used in conjunction with the One-way Data Transfer HotSync mode (see Configuration Window -- Action Tab).

Purging eliminates unmodified time records that you select.  Records that have been added or modified since the last HotSync will never be eliminated by the purge function.  Also, purging is different from deleting.  When you delete a time record, that time record will also be deleted on the PC the next time you HotSync.  When you purge a record, all trace of it is eliminated from the Palm.

For an example of how purging might be used, see Configuration Window -- Action Tab.

IMPORTANT: This option must be used only when you've selected One-way Data Transfer mode for time records.  Otherwise, next time you perform a HotSync, Time Logger will warn you that the databases on the Palm and PC are not identical.  See: Configuration Window -- Action Tab

To display the Purge Records window, tap Menu/User Options/Purge Time Records.


To purge records that match the current filter, tap Purge Matching Records.  To purge those that do not match the filter, choose Purge Non-Matching Records.



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