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Quick Summary: Lets you specify printing options.

How to Get There: File/Print/Print Report

This window allows you to specify how you'd like your time report printed.  Although the exact appearance of the window will depend on your printer, here's a list of the window's typical options:


This displays the active printer and printer connection.  Choose the Setup option to change the printer and printer connection.


Displays a Print Setup windowAFX_HIDD_PRINTSETUP, so you can select a printer and printer connection.

Print Range

Specify the pages you want to print:




Print the entire document.


This option is not relevant for Time Logger, and is always disabled.


Print the range of pages you specify in the From and To boxes.


Specify the number of copies you want to print for the above page range.

Collate Copies

Check this box if you wish to print pages in page number order, instead of separated multiple copies of each page.  In most cases you will want to check this box.

Print Quality

Select the quality of the printing.  Generally, lower quality printing takes less time to produce.

Print to File

Check this box to direct output to a file instead of directly to the printer.