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    Printing Time Reports

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In the simple paper and pencil example (see The Time Records List) the time record list had only four columns: From, To, Client, and Description.

With Time Logger, the time record list can include many different columns, such as Project, Hourly Rate, Duration, etc.  Also, you can use your mouse to change column widths or move columns around.

Once you've chosen the columns and layout you want, you need only select Print/Report from the File menu to get a hardcopy time report.  Time Logger will format the time report in exactly the same way it formats the time record list.  That is, what you see on the screen is what you get in your report.

Here's a portion of a time report (you can create many different kinds of time reports), to show you how it might look:


You may also include summary and subtotal information in your reports.

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