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    Printing Invoices

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Time Logger creates invoices based on information in the time record list.  Here's how this works.

First, you design an "Invoice Template" using your favorite word processor (Word for Windows, WordPerfect, Wordpad, or any other word processor that can work with .RTF files).  Time Logger comes with a number of sample invoice templates

For example, here's what it would look like when editing the invoice template with Word for Windows:



When you create an invoice, based on this template, the result might look like this:


You can see that the template fields have been replaced with the appropriate values.  For example, the %total_due field was replaced with the amount $2625.15.

Time Logger will prevent you from billing for records that have already been invoiced, or were assigned to a different client.  It will also set a field in each time record so that in the future, you will know that you billed for that work already, and on which invoice.

Finally, Time Logger will add the invoice to your accounts receivable, letting you see at a glance which invoices your clients have not paid.  When you receive payments, you can enter them against the appropriate invoice.

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