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Quick Summary: Posts the invoice to accounts receivable and marks records as billed

How to Get There: Invoice/Post Invoice

Posting adds the current invoice to accounts receivable, marks every record represented on the invoice with the current invoice number, and increments the current invoice number.

Time Logger increments the invoice number each time an invoice is posted to accounts receivable.  If you want to change the invoice number, choose Tools/Global Options/Other and modify the Next Invoice Number.

If you have chosen to export Quicken or Quickbooks data, that export will occur when you post an invoice.  That is, the invoice data will be exported to the Invoices.qif or Invoices.iif file, respectively.  If these files already exist, Time Logger has no way to know whether you have already imported the data into Quicken or Quickbooks.  In this case, it will display the Transfer File Status window to ask you whether it should add the new invoices to the file, or overwrite what is currently in that file.


Creating Invoices

Invoicing Step 3: Posting the Invoice

Transfer File Status Window