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    Overview of Setup Steps

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As you use Time Logger to track your time, you can add the data listed below and adjust settings as you go along.  Time Logger's defaults are pretty universal.

However, if you prefer to set up your information ahead of time, here are some things you can do to get Time Logger ready to use:

Choose Edit/Edit Client Information to enter the names and addresses of your clients.
Choose Invoice/Accounts Receivable and enter any outstanding invoices.
Choose Records/Edit Record Descriptors to enter project names, hourly rates, and so on.
Choose Tools/Global Options and look at each tab to set things such as a minimum billing duration and specify any restrictions on time records (for example, are they allowed to overlap, if a description required for every record, etc.).
If you plan to create invoices, you'll want to tell Time Logger what word processor you use and where it's executable file is located.  Choose Tools/User Options/Other and enter the path to word processor's exe file, if it isn't entered already.  You'll also need to customize your Invoice Template (see: Modifying the Invoice Template).



Edit Client Information

Accounts Receivable - Using

Descriptors - Working with

Global Options

User Options

Creating Invoices

Modifying the Invoice Template