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    Why Use Responsive Time Logger?

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Why is Responsive Time Logger Your Time Tracking and Billing Solution?

Responsive Time Logger is your time tracking and billing solution because it....

1.Records your company's time and expenses, ensuring that all of your billable time and expenses are captured so you can make more money.
2.Automatically generates accurate and professional looking invoices, ensuring your clients trust that they are being charged fairly for the valuable services your company provides.
3.Tracks your invoices and reports how much each client owes, ensuring that you receive full payment for all of your invoices.
4.Records your client payments and retainers, ensuring your clients' confidence because you won't accidentally double-bill.

5.   Reports how much time it took you to complete past projects, ensuring that you can bid profitably on future projects.

How Much do Billing Problems Cost Your Company?

Considering the amount of money that your company charges for its valuable services, any or all of the problems below cost your company a significant amount of lost revenue:

1.Loosing just a small number of billable hours or expenses.
2.Issuing inaccurate or late invoices - or never issuing one at all.
3.Failing to account for payments received and frustrating your clients.
4.Missing amounts due and failing to receive full payment for invoices.


We guarantee that Responsive Time Logger will pay for itself within 30 days or your money back!

Since 1993 when we began selling Responsive Time Logger, our customers have consistently reported that Responsive Time Logger has quickly paid for itself again and again.  In fact we are so confident that Responsive Time Logger will help your company that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

An Impressive Set of Features for the Price

The company Responsive Software has invested many, many thousands of hours over the years refining and enhancing Responsive Time Logger to ensure that it contains the functionality and reliability that your company needs.  We offer our software for a fair price and with significant price discounts for our multi-user packages.  When you consider it, Responsive Time Logger's per-user cost is miniscule compared to the amount of extra money your company will capture with accurate time tracking and billing.  Here is a summary of significant Responsive Time Logger features that will help your company:

Time & Expense Capturing

Record billable time periodically, such as at the end of the day or week, or as you work using the stopwatch.
Utilize many different shortcuts to speed up time and expense recording such as: the pop-up calendar, the pop-up clock, instant task switching, empty field warnings and memorized descriptors.
Ensure accurate and consistent time & expense records are created by all users with many optional restrictions and settings.
Record all variations of billable items such as expenses, fixed fees, travel expenses, tax rates, internal rates, and tax/no-tax indicators.
Many other special features such as minimum duration, duration increment, internal description, and four separate stopwatches support customized billable time and expense recording.

Time & Expense Management and Reporting

Easily view and manage your Time Records using spreadsheet-like features in the main window.
Customize the column arrangement by hiding and inserting columns, and changing column width and order.
Use the Filter feature to easily create complex selection criteria to select the Time Records to view.
Set the Sorting and Subtotals options on multiple different fields.
Infinite time and expense reporting possibilities with WYSIWYG features and many custom printing options.
Customizable time and expense reporting utilizing SQL and ODBC.

Invoicing and Accounts Receivable

Automatically generate one invoice or multiple invoices using a single format or optionally different formats for separate clients.
Customizable Invoice Templates (stored in Rich Text Format ) allow you to place up to twenty-nine different fields on your invoice that are replaced with your invoice data upon invoice generation.
Track your outstanding invoices and record payments and retainers in the Accounts Receivable.
Determine which clients owe money utilizing the Aging Report.

Multi-User and Network Features

Instantly convert from single-user mode to multi-user mode to track time and expenses for one to hundreds of users.
Special discount pricing available for multi-user packages and receive credit for the cost of current license packages when adding more users.
Utilize password protection and other features to hide rates, lock features and prevent unauthorized changes.
Multiple network installation options to ensure workstation speed and to centralize Time Logger databases and settings on network servers.

Quickbooks, Quicken, Imports/Exports and Synchronizing

Automatically generate invoice data in a separate file for transfer to Quickbooks or Quicken.
Save time and effort switching to Responsive Time Logger with the ability to import time records, client data, descriptors, invoice data, and payments from delimited files.
Easily utilize 3 rd party software by either using ODBC connections or exporting Time Records, client data, descriptors, invoice data, and payments to delimited files.
Many features, such as Synchronize databases and Export for Merging, to support managing multiple Time Record database files between computers while traveling or between offices.

FREE Palm Interface

Utilize our FREE Palm Interface to record your time on any Palm OS handheld.
All Time Record fields are available on the Palm allowing you to add, edit, delete and view all of your Time Records.
Utilize the stopwatch to record time as you work and employ basic filtering, sorting and searching to manage your Time Records.
Keep all or part of your Time Records on your Palm and utilize the customizable Conduit/HotSync options to HotSync with your laptop, desktop or network.

Custom Settings and Other Features

Automatically backup your Time Records to a customizable number of rotating files and to a customizable location.
Instantly restore from backup files.
Save and re-load all of your settings and options to uniquely named Environment files.
Archive old Time Records to separate database files.
Customize date and time display, field labels, screen colors, row height, font, font size, toolbars, sounds and many, many more settings.
Quickly learn and become proficient utilizing searchable and indexed Help, the Quick-Start Guided Tour, the Tutorial, Tip of the Day, and the Website.
FREE Technical Support over email or phone to registered users for the current and previous versions - currently versions 4 and 3.

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