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    One-way Data Transfer

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Time Logger has a special HotSync option called One-way Data Transfer.  When you select this option, time records will flow in one direction: from the Palm to the PC.  That is, any records you add or modify on the handheld will be transferred to the desktop, but new records on the desktop will not be sent to the handheld.  This option is convenient when you have a large number of time records in your database.

Here's an example of when and how you'd use this option.  Let's say you have about 10,000 records in your PC time record database.  If you were to transfer all those records to your Palm, you might run out of memory on the Palm.  Even if you could fit the data, synchronizing such a large database would take too much time.

So here's what you do: set the HotSync action for time records to One-way Data Transfer (selecting the Set as Default button in the HotSync action window).  Then, on the Palm, choose Menu/Purge to delete any time records that you are not interested in.  Note that purging will only delete records that have already been HotSynced to some database on the PC.

Here's another example: imagine that your time record database on the PC contains records for you and three co-workers.  On the Palm, you only want to see your own records.  You might follow these steps:

1.Choose Desktop overwrites Handheld as the time record HotSync action
2.Perform a HotSync, transferring all the records to the Palm
3.On the Palm, set a filter so that only your time records appear
4.On the Palm, choose Menu/Purge/Purge Non-matching Records
5.Set the HotSync action to One-way Data Transfer, and check the Set as Default checkbox

At this point, only your time records appear on the handheld.  Any records that you add or modify on the handheld will be transferred to the PC.