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Quick Summary: Opens a new time record database.

How to Get There: File/New

The New command allows you to create a new time record database.  When you select this option, a File Name for the New Database window will appear, and Time Logger will ask you to supply a new time record database name.


WARNING: If you use File/New to open a new database and give it a filename of an existing database, the system will warn you that you are about to replace the file and ask you to confirm with Yes or No. If you select Yes, you will permanently delete the entire existing database and all of it's data will be lost. To effectively disable the File/New option for users, use the "Restrict All Users to one Time Records database file shown below" option on the Global Options Window/Safety Tab.

Note that when you open a new database, you do not have to explicitly save or close the current database.  Time Logger saves all time records to disk as soon as you enter or modify them.

Although you can keep time records in multiple database files, we strongly recommend that you keep all records in a single file.  You can use filters to work with groups of records within that file.  Filters aren't difficult to use – trust us on this.

The default extension for a time record database is ".mdb".  Although you may use your own extension, we recommend that you use .mdb.  If you specify a name with no extension, Time Logger will add the .mdb extension automatically.