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    Modifying the Invoice Template

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An Invoice Template is simply an Rich Text Format (.rtf) file that you can edit with your word processor.  It includes special Invoice Template Fields that begin with the percent (%) character like this:

Previous Balance: $%prev_bal
Total Amount Due: $%total_due

When you generate an invoice, Time Logger creates a copy of your Invoice Template file and replaces any Invoice Template Fields with actual values from the time records you have selected to be invoiced with a Filter (see: Automatic Invoice Filter).  The result is your new Invoice which is a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file that has a name like "InvoiceNumber??.rtf", where ?? is your Next Invoice Number (see: Global Options Window/Other Tab - Next Invoice Number).

For Example, if the client had a previous balance of $1,000 and the current amount due for that invoice was $2,000, the Invoice Template Fields above would be replaced with 1,000 and 3,000 and your new invoice would contain:

Previous Balance: $1,000
Total Amount Due: $3,000


Change the Invoice Template File

Choose Tools/Global Options/Other to view the path and filename of the Invoice Template you are using in the Invoice Template field. Click the Browse button to select a different Invoice Template file name.  See Sample Invoice Templates below.


View and Modify Your Invoice Template

Choose Invoice/Edit Invoice Template to view and modify the contents of your current Invoice Template.  When you select this option, Time Logger starts your word processor and tells it to open your Invoice Template.

NOTE: Time Logger needs to know the name of the .exe program file that belongs to the word processor you are using.  If you get an error indicating you need to define your word processor, see User Options Window/Other Tab - Word Processor Selection.


View Available Invoice Template Fields

Click the link below to view the reference page in this Help that contains all of the Invoice Template Fields available to use on your Invoice Template.

Invoice Template Fields


Sample Invoice Templates

Time Logger comes with a set of sample invoice templates that you can use and modify however you wish.  They were originally put in the Sample Invoice Templates folder in the Invoices folder when Time Logger was installed.  You can view where your Invoices folder is located in Tools/Global Options/Folders.  Note that if you change the Invoices folder, the Sample Invoice Template folder will remain in the original location unless you copy or move it manually yourself.


Tutorial and More Info

For a tutorial on how to create an invoice see Tutorial Step 7: Generating an Invoice

For a video on creating an invoice, see our website: Introduction to Invoicing Video.

For the whole invoicing process, see: Creating Invoices.


Sample Invoice Template

Below is a Sample Invoice Template.  See: Invoicing Step 2: Creating the Invoice to view a sample invoice created from this template.