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    Modify All Filtered Records

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Quick Summary: Allows you to modify a field for all the time records that match the current filter (for example, change the Activity to "Testing")

How to Get There: Edit/Modify All Filtered Records

Warning: this is a powerful command.  You should always backup your time record database before using it!  Select: File->Instant Backup

This command will display the Modify All Filtered Records window and let you change the value for one field for all the time records in the time record list on the main window that match the current filter.

IMPORTANT: You must be 100% sure that you have set your Filter correctly.  This command will change the value of one field for ALL time records that match the current Filter. This command cannot be undone.

TIP: Make sure you can see the field(s) (column(s)) that you wish to change in your main window.  You can then sort it in Ascending and then Descending order to verify that all of the values match your Filter correctly.  See: Column Layout - Changing and Sorting & Subtotaling the Time Records

For example: let's say you've changed the name of one of your projects from "Telephone Multimedia" to "TeleMedia."  You could then set the filter to display only those records for which "Project = Telephone Multimedia," and then use the Modify All Filtered Records window to change the Project field to "TeleMedia."


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