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    Memorize Descriptors

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Quick Summary: Memorizes all of the Descriptors allowing you to instantly fill them all in on a time record.

How to Get There: Records/Memorize Descriptors or Alt-M.


Using the Memorized Descriptors feature, you can automatically fill in all of the Descriptors.


First memorize the descriptors with one of these methods:


When you have the Time Record Editor or the Stopwatch window open and you press Alt-M.
Select a time record in the main window and right-click and select Memorize Descriptors


Then, recall them to set all Descriptors at once with one of these actions:


When you are using the Time Record Editor or the Stopwatch, press Alt-R.


TIP: Enter the different combinations into the Time Record Editor window and press Alt-R to memorize each one.


Memorized Descriptors Window

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