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    Maintaining Multiple Copies of a Database

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There are two situations in which you may be forced to maintain separate copies of a time record database.  First, you may have a remote site that cannot connect to the network drive that contains your database.  Second, you may wish to keep a copy of the database on your laptop so that you can work on it at home.

Time Logger has two methods for dealing with these situations: Synchronize Databases, and Import/Export for Merging.  You'll want to use the Synchronize Databases command, unless the database is large and cannot be easily transferred from one computer to another.  For example, if your remote site has a slow Internet/Network connectivity, then emailing or transferring a large database to headquarters every week may not be convenient.  In this case, Import/Export for Merging would be preferable, since only those records that have been changed or added need to be transferred from one site to the other.

Import/Export for Merging is also preferable if the remote site does not need to see records that are generated at headquarters.  Use this if the remote user just needs to send his or her records in to the central location.

You might wonder what happens if the same record has been modified in the two databases.  In this case, Time Logger will show you both records, and give you a chance to decide which one to keep.


Synchronizing Databases

Import/Export for Merging