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    Invoicing and Reporting with PDF and Email

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As clients become more comfortable with the Internet, they'll be willing to receive invoices and time reports by email rather than through regular postal mail.  You can use Time Logger to create your invoices and time reports and save them as PDF documents and then email them as attachments.

We can save you time searching for PDF creation utilities.  Below are two that we and many of our colleagues have used quite successfully for many years:

One that is completely free and has no advertising is the Open Source PDFCreator at:  This is hosted by the very reputable group.

One that is free or inexpensive is You'll need to download the PDF995 Printer Driver and Free Converter at a minimum.  It's either free to use (with benign advertising) or costs $9.95 to turn off the advertising. (Responsive Software is not affiliated with PDF995.)

Just search the Internet on the topic "pdf printer" for many other inexpensive, or more robust and full-featured PDF software options and to learn more.

The process to invoice using PDF is as follows:

1.Create your invoice and when you print it from your word processor, select your PDF printer from the list of printers. (The PDF printer is made available once you install the PDF software.)  This will prompt you to save the PDF document to your hard drive (remember where you saved it).
2.Open your email software, begin an email addressed to your client and attach the PDF invoice you created above.


NOTE: If you wish to use Time Logger's File->Print->Invoice or Invoice->Invoice Multiple Clients and want your invoices to be generated and saved as PDF documents, you will need to set your default printer (for your computer) to your PDF printer and then perform these functions in Time Logger.