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    Invoicing Step 3: Posting the Invoice

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After you have finalized your invoice and are ready to send it to your client, you need to post the invoice using Invoice/Post Invoice.  This creates an invoice record in Accounts Receivable and, for each time record on the invoice, sets Billed to Yes and sets Invoice to the appropriate number.


To post your invoice, select: Invoice/Post Invoice

TIP: Always post your invoices right after you have finalized them and the time record list contains the same time records you just invoiced. If you forget to post your invoice, the next time you use the Automatic Invoice Filter, your previous Time Records will appear and you risk double-billing.


IMPORTANT points about posting invoices:

The time records currently in the time records list (as determined by the Filter) will be posted, which has the following effects:

Each time record in the time record list will have Billed set from No to Yes
Each time record in the time record list will have Invoice set to the invoice number (which is the Next Invoice Number in Global Options Window/Other Tab)
An invoice record with the amount due will be created in Accounts Receivable
Be sure to record client payments in Accounts Receivable before generating more invoices or the amount due for that client's previous invoice(s) will be included on your invoice in the %prev_bal and %total_due Invoice Template Fields (see: Accounts Receivable) [NOTE: if you do not want to track payments in Time Logger you can use the %total_fee and/or %time_fee on your Invoice Template.]
The Next Invoice Number will be incremented after posting (see this topic in: Global Options Window/Other Tab)
Posting invoices allows you to track the amount a client owes using the Aging Report in Accounts Receivable.
All of the time records in the current time record list that are posted cannot be invoiced again and they will not appear the next time you use the Automatic Invoice Filter (prevents accidental double-billing).


If an error window appears when you attempt to post the invoice, correct the situation that Time Logger has described, and try again.