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    Invoicing Step 2: Creating the Invoice

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Choose Invoice/View Invoice.  Time Logger will either generate and open the invoice in your word processor, or let you know if there's some reason that a valid invoice cannot be generated.  You may also choose Invoice/Print Invoice, in which case the invoice will be sent directly to your default printer.


REMEMBER: Always post your invoice (Invoicing Step 3: Posting the Invoice) after you have finalized it and are ready to send it to the client.  Failure to do so can lead to accidental double-billing.


IMPORTANT: Time Logger has logical restrictions for creating invoices. An invoice cannot be created if one of these conditions are true:

If there are time records in the current time record list that have already been invoiced (this is the case if they were previously posted)

       TIP: Insert the Invoice column on the main window and you can see the invoice number for time records (see: Changing Column Layout)

If there is more than one client represented in the current time record list
If you haven't entered client information, such as their address (see: Edit Client Information)


Before Time Logger actually generates the invoice, it gives you a chance to modify the invoice date, and add a general comment to the invoice.



When you click the OK button on this window, the invoice will generated and open in your word processor and you can review the invoice to ensure that it is correct.  At this point, you will typically perform one of these actions:

A) Print the invoice to your printer (such as a PDF printer to create a PDF document to email).  See: Invoicing and Reporting with PDF and Email

B) Close the invoice, change the time records and re-generate the invoice to make corrections.

C) Close the invoice, change the Invoice Template and re-generate the invoice based on the new Invoice Template. See: Modifying the Invoice Template


NOTE: You can also select Invoice->Print Invoice and Time Logger will generate your invoice, send it to the printer and ask you if you want to perform then next step, Invoicing Step 3: Posting the Invoice


A Sample Invoice is below (See: Modifying the Invoice Template for the Sample Invoice Template used to create this Sample Invoice)