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    Invoicing Step 1: Setting an Automatic Invoice Filter

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Before you create an invoice, you need to decide which records you'd like included on that invoice.  For example, if you're about to produce an invoice for AR Software, you'll want to make sure that only records for AR Software are displayed, and that none of the records that have already been billed appear.

Fortunately, Time Logger will take care of those details.  Just choose Invoice/Automatic Invoice Filter, and double click on the client for which you wish to prepare an invoice.  If the client you want does not appear in the box, it means that there are no time records for that client in the current database.

At this point, only billable, non-billed records for the selected client will appear in the time record list.  If you press F5 to bring up the Filter window, you'll see that Time Logger has automatically set a filter that looks something like this:

       Automatic Invoice Filter Results

Note for advanced users: you can customize the filter that Time Logger uses in this situation, and even have different filters for different clients.  See Automatic Invoice Filter.

You're now ready to print the invoice.