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    Installing or Re-Installing the Palm Interface

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To ensure that all of the Time Logger Palm Interface components are properly installed (or when re-installing) please follow these steps to install (or re-install) the Palm Interface for Time Logger.




Your Palm software must already be installed on your PC and you must be able to successfully perform HotSyncs between your PC and your Palm handheld before you attempt the steps below.
If your Palm handheld already has Time Logger installed on it and you are re-installing to fix a HotSync failure, then see: Time Logger Conduit is Missing - Can't HotSync for important steps you should take.


1)Log into the website. On most pages of our website you can click the Login/Register button.
If you purchased Time Logger prior to October 12, 2006, please register as a New Customer.
If you forgot your password, just click the Forgot Password button.
If your email address has changed, please register as a New Customer.
2)Once you have logged in, select the menu option: "Download Latest Time Logger Version" which appears on the left side of the screen in a sub-menu towards the bottom under Customer Features:.
3)Click the Download NOW button.
4)Either Run or Save and Open (Run) the Setup Time Logger installation .exe file.
You may re-install the latest version of Time Logger, too.  If you install it into the exact same folder (which you must do anyway), you will retain all of your same data and you will not need to re-enter your registration information.
5)You should accept the defaults on all of the Setup screens, except on the Select Components to Install screen where you should make sure you select to install the Palm Interface.
6)Finish the installation


After the installation is finished:


START->Program Files->Responsive Time Logger->Install Time Logger to the Handheld


NOTE: If you are re-installing and the Palm Interface for Time Logger is already on your Palm handheld, see: Time Logger Conduit is Missing - Can't HotSync for important steps you should take.  At this point, you should now see Time Logger in the list of HotSync Conduits.


This will "schedule" (using the Palm Install Tool) to install the TimeLog.prc file (the program file for the file RESPONSIVE TIME LOGGER PALM INTERFACE) to be Hotsynced to your Palm device the next time you perform a Hotsync.


Thus, the next time you Hotsync, the software will be installed on your Palm (but not your corresponding data from your computer).  And on the second HotSync (and each successive Hotsync) your time record data will transfer between your PC and the Palm device according to your HotSync Settings.