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    Importing Data Into Time Logger

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Time Logger allows you to easily import your data from plain text Comma Separated Value (.csv) type files.  The information below represents an overview.  Please click on one of the links below for more details.

NOTE: You can change the delimiters that Time Logger uses for importing and exporting.  It is recommended that only advanced users who understand the implications change them from the default.  Choose Tools/User Options/Other and set the Importing/Exporting delimiters.

Time Records

To conveniently import time records while using Time Logger choose File/import and pick one of:

From a Text File - Using this method, Time Logger can import any time record fields (columns) in any order.  You specify the fields and their order on a window that pops up.
Using Time Logger Standard Format - Using this method, you can import the time records that were exported with "Using Standard Time Logger Format".  This is an easy way to send a set of time records to another person by attaching the file to an email or copying it to removable media like a Flash drive.
For Merging... - Use this method when someone who is tracking their time is working remotely and away from your company's central time records database.  They should periodically send you their time records using File/Export/For Merging... and you will then use File/Import/For Merging... to import their new time records into your central time records database file.  Time Logger keeps track of what time records have already been imported and only imports new time records, even if the user accidentally sends you the same time records again.

For other ways to access the time records data see: Sharing Data Directly Through .mdb Files.

NOTE: The file format for "Using Time Logger Standard Format" and "For Merging..." is tab separated values.  The values are the same (and same order) as listed in the TimeRecords table as shown in Time Logger's Databases, except the final Flag field is not included.


To import client data, choose Edit/Edit Client Information and click the Import button.  See Import/Export File Formats for the exact format and other ways to access the data.


To import descriptors, choose Records/Edit Record Descriptors and click the Import button. See Import/Export File Formats for the exact format and other ways to access the data.

Accounts Receivable (Invoices & Payments)

For importing accounts receivable data, choose Invoices/Accounts Receivable and select Import. See Import/Export File Formats for the exact format and other ways to access the data.



Sharing Data with Other Programs