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Importing from Excel - Example

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This is an example of importing from Microsoft Excel with the CSV format


You can import the sample Comma Separated Value (.csv) file created by Excel (in #2 below) using the settings shown in #3 with Time Logger's field delimiters set as shown in #4.


See: Importing from Excel for the details.


1) Here is the Sample Microsoft Excel file Sample Excel File saved using Microsoft Excel 2003.


2) Here is a sample of the output (.csv file) that should be created when you save the above Excel file in the Comma Separated Value (.csv) format: Sample .csv file saved from Excel.


TIP: When you click the link above, the data (rows) will appear in this window frame.  Then, right-click on this window frame and save it as a .csv file.  Or, select and copy the four rows of data and paste it into Notepad and save it as a .csv file.


3) Here are the Time Logger settings on the Selection of Fields Window:




4) Here are the Time Logger  field delimiter settings on the window: User Options Window/Other Tab





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Importing from Excel