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    HotSyncing Your Data

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Before reading this section of the manual, you should be familiar with the general concepts of HotSyncing between your Palm device and the desktop.  If you need more information on this topic, please consult the manual the came with your Palm, or the F1 help for the Palm Desktop software.

Every time you press the HotSync button on your Palm handheld, Time Logger descriptor and time record information can pass back and forth between your Palm and your PC.  Exactly what happens depends on the HotSync actions that you've set (see Setting HotSync Actions for more on this).  For example, if you've selected "Desktop Overwrites Handheld" for the time records, then when you HotSync, the time records in the current time record database will be transferred to the Palm.  Similarly, if you have selected "Synchronize" for the time record action, any records you've added on the Palm will be transferred to the PC and vice versa.

The transfer process is conducted by a part of Time Logger called the "Time Logger Conduit."


Setting HotSync Actions

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Synchronizing with Multiple Files

One-way Data Transfer