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Quick Summary: Lets you find all records that contain a given string of text

How to Get There: Edit/Find or Ctrl-F

Type in the text for which you wish to search and press <Enter>.  The time record list will then display all of the time records that contain that text.

The find feature is actually just another way of setting the time record filter.  For you advanced users, the SQL where statement that is produced looks like this:

Where Person like '%target%'  or

Client like '%target%'  or

Project like '%target%'  or

Subproject like '%target%'  or

Activity like '%target%'  or

Other like '%target%'  or

Rate like '%target%'  or

InternalRate like '%target%'  or

TaxRate like '%target%'  or

MileageRate like '%target%'  or

Description like '%target%'  or

Expense like '%target%'  or

Mileage like '%target%'  or

Invoice like '%target%'  or

Description like '%target%'

Order By Start

Note that this filter expression is too long to be represented in the filter window, so following a find operation, Time Logger will reset the filter when you choose to open the filter window.