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Quick Summary: Lets you set safety options

How to Get There: Tools/Global Options/Safety

Here are the controls on this part of the window:

Description Requirements: Each Time Record Must Have a Description

If you have checked this radio button, Time Logger will not allow you to end a time record (thus entering it into the time record database), without filling in the description field.  Unless you can fully describe the nature of your time records via the time record descriptors alone, we recommend that you check this button.

Note that Time Logger will not go back and enforce this requirement on existing records.

Description Requirements: Warn If a Description Is Not Provided

Check this radio button, and Time Logger will warn you if the description field is blank, but allow you to save the time record.

Description Requirements: Allow Time Records to Have Blank Descriptions

If you have checked this button, you may save records with blank descriptors, and Time Logger will give you no warnings.

Give Warning Before Deleting Individual Record or Invoice

If you wish Time Logger to confirm deletions of individual time records and invoices check this option.

Restrict All Users to one Time Records database file shown below:

This is an extremely useful feature in a multi-user situation.  A major source of confusion with novice users is the Windows file system.  Sometimes users will open the wrong database, or be unable to find the current time record database.

If you choose this option, it will insure that only that one file is accessed.  Enter the name of the existing file into the appropriate box.  Once you've done this, only that file may be accessed without the global options password.

Allow Overlapping Time Records

When Overlapping time records are not allowed, Time Logger will not allow any two records for the same person to overlap.  This will prevent you from billing the same work to two clients, or charging twice for the same time.

However, you may want a record of the fact that you have been performing two tasks at once.  In this case, check this box.

Note that if you select Duration-only Mode (from the General tab), this box will automatically be checked.

Finally, if you have selected Automatically combine stopwatch record with records with the same descriptors and the same date in the General tab, you will need to allow overlapping time records.

Allow Time-Only Records to Have a Duration of Zero Minutes

To let you in on a secret, this option is here simply because it made it easier to test Time Logger.  That way, we could add records without always having to make the duration non-zero.  Unless you can think of a good reason to check this option, we recommend that you leave it unchecked.

Enable "Resume Selected Record" Command

The Resume Selected Record command, like many powerful features, can be dangerous.  It deletes a record in the database, adding the information from that record to the stopwatch.  If you're concerned that that command could cause problems, uncheck this box.  For more on Resume Selected Record, see Resume Selected Record.