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Quick Summary: Lets you set miscellaneous global options

How to Get There: Tools/Global Options/Other

Here's a description of the options you can set from this window:

Next Invoice Number

Enter the number that will be used for the next invoice you print.  Note that a numeric value is required (for example, AB-27X would not be allowed).  This is done so that Time Logger can automatically increment the invoice number with each invoice it prints.

Invoice Template

In this edit box, type in the full path to the Invoice Template file (must be a .rtf [Rich Text Format] file) you wish to use.  You may use the Browse button to locate the file. See also: Modifying the Invoice Template, Tutorial Step 7: Generating an Invoice, and Printing Invoices.

Network Folder

In a multi-user environment, we recommend that each user run Time Logger from the network drive.  However, in some situations this is not practical.  If you have each user run Time Logger locally, you'll probably still want them to share the same descriptor database.  To tell Time Logger where to find this database, you'll set the Network Folder.

The best way to set this up is to first install Time Logger to the network.  Next, for each local copy, install Time Logger to a local hard drive, run it, choose Tools/Global Options/Other, and set the name of the network folder to which you installed Time Logger.  Then, next time Time Logger runs, it will get descriptor data and other information from the network.  Remember that you must exit Time Logger and start it again before it uses the network folder.


This list box displays the user names that will appear in the login window when Time Logger is started up.

Add User

Click this button to add a new user to the list.

Edit User Name

Choose this button to edit the name of a user in the list.

Delete User

Click Delete User to remove a user name.  This option is useful if a user has left your organization.




Modifying the Invoice Template

Working with Multiple Users

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