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Global Options Window/Folders Tab

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Quick Summary: Lets you set the folders where Time Logger stores data files

How to Get There: Tools/Global Options/Folders

Here's a description of the options you can set from this window:

Generated Invoices Folder

Click the Browse button to select the full path to the folder (or directory) where Time Logger should store the invoices that you generate.  Note that after you click the Browse button you can click the Create New Folder icon (near the top-right of the window) to create new folders.



NOTE 1: You should specify a folder where Time Logger can store your generated invoices other than C:\Program Files\Timelog.  We suggest that you create a folder inside your Documents folder and give it a logical name, such as Invoices.  Another option would be to create a folder named TimeLogger and inside that folder create a folder named Invoices.


For example: if the user name that you start Windows with is AcePilot, and you used one of these suggestions your Generated Invoices Folder would be:




NOTE 2: You may need to select Invoice->Edit Invoice Template and then save your Invoice Template to either the folder above or another folder of your choice AND afterwards also be sure to change the Invoice Template that is being used to the one you just saved on this screen: Global Options Window/Other Tab.


For help creating and working with Files and Folders, please visit: and click on the topic Files and Folders.