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    Export/Using Time Logger Standard Format

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Quick Summary: Exports records to a standard Time Logger export file

How to Get There: File/Export/Using Time Logger Standard Format

To make it easy to transfer records from one database to another, Time Logger uses a standard import/export format.

If you ever want to transfer a subset of your time records between databases, you can export those records to a file in Time Logger Standard format, then import them into another database.  For example, let's say your boss accidentally deleted your June records from the master database.  You'd set a filter so that only your June records appear, choose File/Export/Using Time Logger Standard Format, and email the resulting file to your boss.  Your boss would then choose File/Import/Using Time Logger Standard Format, and add those records to the main database.

When you use this command, Time Logger will expect the data in the file to be in the standard Time Logger export format.  Simply select the name of the file, and click Open.  If overlapping time records are not allowed, but are encountered in the data to be imported, Time Logger will display the Overlapping Time Record window.