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    Export/To a Text File

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Quick Summary: Exports records to a text file

How to Get There: File/Export/To a Text File

This option lets you share data with another application.  Time Logger will export the currently visible fields in the order in which they are shown in the main window.  For example, if your time record list looks like this:


Time Logger will export start time, end time, a blank field, client and description.  The fields will be exported just as they appear on the screen.  For example, if you were to export the time records above, the file would look like this:

"10:00 AM","10:24 AM"," ","AR Software","Met with Bob, talked about the cost estimate"

Note that Time Logger will use the delimiters that you've set in Tools/User Options/Other.  With this command you can export time records in a format that can be read by any application that can handle text files.