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Quick Summary: Exports records to a Time Logger merge file

How to Get There: File/Export/For Merging

Use this option to share data with another time record database.  The time record data will be exported in standard format that can be imported by another instance of Time Logger.  Also, Time Logger will export only those time records that have not been previously exported.  This is an important point, so here it is again:

IMPORTANT: Export for merging only exports those records that have not been previously exported!  And, the first time it is run, it exports all time records and then marks them as Exported.

This command might be used, for example, if an employee is out of town using Time Logger on her laptop.  So her data may be added to the main database, she chooses Export/For Merging, exports the records to a text file, and emails that text file into the home office.  The administrator at the home office then imports those records into the main database using File/Import/For Merging.

TIP: If you ever need to re-export records that have already been exported, choose Edit/Modify all Filtered Records, set the Field to Modify to Exported, and the New Text to "No".