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    Diagnostics Window

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Quick Summary: Displays information that might help when Time Logger isn't working properly

How to Get There: Advanced/Diagnostics

This window displays information about your system that can help a tech support representative debug any problems you're having.

NOTE: You can copy the text in this window and paste it into an email and send to technical support.  See: Contact Us.


The top 4 lines give important information about where Time Logger is installed and where certain files are located.

Current Database:     C:\Program Files\TimeLog\Sample.mdb

This is your current time records database file

Descriptor Database:     C:\Program Files\TimeLog\support\descript.mdb

This is your "support" folder location and the name of the database file that holds your lists of Descriptors.  Your lists Descriptors are the  Persons, Clients, Projects, Subprojects, etc. that appear on the screen when you add or edit time records or use the stopwatch.  You can also change the Descriptors using Edit Record Descriptors. The same folder contains three other special database files:

1) clients.mdb contains the list of client names and their addresses, used for invoicing (see: Edit->Edit Client Information).

2) invoices.mdb contains the Accounts Receivable lists of invoices and payments (see: Accounts Receivable).

3) users.mdb contains the list of users who can log into Time Logger (see: Global Options Window/Other Tab for the list of users).

Main Directory:     C:\Program Files\TimeLog\

This is where Time Logger is installed.  Note that you do not need to include the right-most \ (backslash) character when specifying the path or folder in other applications.

Ini File Name:     C:\Program Files\TimeLog\timelog.ini

This file determines many global settings for Time Logger.  When you look at your HotSync settings on the About tab, this INI file name should be the same. See: Configuration Window -- About Tab