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Quick Summary: Allows you to edit the values of lists of Time Record Descriptors.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to see the help topic: Working with Descriptors before you attempt to add, change or delete your Descriptor values.

You may add, edit or delete values in the lists for each of the descriptors.  You may also set links between different descriptor values.  For example, you can link the Rate of $120 to Client ABC Corp. and then whenever Client ABC Corp is selected, the $120 Rate will be displayed.  (Note that unlinked descriptor values are always displayed, so if you had an unlinked Rate of $100, it would always be displayed regardless of which Client has been selected.)

How to Get There: Records/Edit Record Descriptors


This window allows you to add, edit, or delete descriptor values, as well as work with descriptor linking.  Linking descriptors is the act of establishing a Child to Parent relationship between descriptor values. For more detailed information on descriptors, linking and the Graphical View, Importing and Exporting, see the More: section below.

IMPORTANT: If you are using descriptor linking, please understand these three points.

1)  On this window, only each distinct value for each of the descriptors is displayed.  For example, if you have added a $120 Rates and it is linked to other descriptors like this:


$120 -> not linked (error - see 2 below)

$120 -> linked to: Client - ABC Corp.

$120 -> linked to: Client - Microsoft

$120 -> linked to: Person - Micky Mouse

you will only see one $120 Rate in the drop-down list.  When you select the $120 Rate and click Edit or Delete, the system will pop up the Which Descriptor window and you can then select which of the above $120 Rates you wish to work with.

2) The example above shows an error in the set up of the $120 Rate.  Because there also exists a $120 Rate that is not linked, the $120 Rate will always appear, regardless of which Clients or Persons are selected.  If you want the child descriptor with the value ABC to only appear when its parent descriptor(s) is selected, make sure that there are no unlinked descriptors with the value ABC.  See the help for the Graphical View to learn more: Descriptors - Graphical View of

3) Please read other Important Details about working with linked descriptors on the Working with Descriptors help page.


Here's a description of the controls in this window:

Combo Boxes (Drop-down Lists)

By default, the combo boxes are labeled Person, Client, Project, Subproject, Activity, Rate, Other, Internal Rate, Tax Rate, and Mileage Rate.  However, your labels may be different if you have customized them.  See: Global Options Window/Terminology Tab

The three buttons at the right of each descriptor combo box let you add, edit, or delete the descriptor respectively.  Click the button with the green plus sign to add a new descriptor.  To edit the currently selected descriptor, click the button with the picture of a pencil on it.  Clicking the button that displays a red minus sign will delete the currently selected descriptor.

Graphical View

Click this button to see a graphical display of the descriptors you've entered.  See: Descriptors - Graphical View of


Chose this button to import descriptor data from a text file.  You might use this to take in client names or other descriptors from another application, or to share descriptors between two sites.  For information on the file formats, see Import/Export File Formats.


When you click this button, Time Logger will export the descriptors to a text file that you select.  Each line on this file will contain the data from one descriptor, showing its text, type, text that it's linked to, and the link to type.  For more on the file format, see Import/Export File Formats.


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