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Deleting an Invoice ("un-invoicing" Time Records)

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If you posted an invoice and now realize that for some reason you need to delete (remove) the invoice so that you can make a correction and re-invoice, follow these steps.


Our website has a short 2 minute video that shows you how to delete (remove) an invoice so that Time Records can be re-invoiced.  


AVI Format Video: How to Delete an Invoice


WMV Format Video: How to Delete an Invoice


Here are the steps to delete an invoice which are covered in this video:


1.Delete the record for that Invoice number from Accounts Receivable
2.Create a filter for the deleted invoice number

For example: Invoice = 123 end

3.Use Edit->Modify All Filtered Records to set the Field to Change to Billed and the New Text to No


Once you have deleted the invoice, you can optionally change the Next Invoice Number (see IMPORTANT below) back to the deleted invoice number (or any other) by setting it here: Tools/Global Options Window/Other Tab.


IMPORTANT:  If you are correcting and re-submitting an invoice, say invoice number 25, and you have since created invoice number 26 and 27 is your Next Invoice Number, then we suggest that you do not set your Next Invoice Number back to 25.  This is because if you forget to change the Next Invoice Number back to 27 after you re-create invoice number 25, you risk overwriting invoice number 26.