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    Customize Toolbar Window

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Quick Summary: Allows you to add or remove toolbar buttons, and to rearrange their positions

How to Get There: Tools/Customize/Standard Toolbar or Tools/Customize/User Toolbar

Use this window to arrange the buttons on a toolbar.


The list box on the left shows toolbar buttons that are available.  Note that almost every Time Logger function is represented.  Each line shows the button's icon and a description of what it does.  If you can't see the entire description, use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the box to scroll it into view.  The box on the right shows the toolbar buttons that are currently visible on the toolbar.

You can use the drag-and-drop interface to arrange the buttons.  Click on a button in the left box, and drag it to the right box to add it to the toolbar.  Drag from the right to the left to remove a button.  You can also drag a button within the right box to change its relative location.

When you're done arranging, click the Close button.

Here's a description of each button in this window:

Add ->

Adds the button selected in the left box to the toolbar

<- Remove

Removes the currently selected button from the toolbar


Closes the window


Sets a default arrangement for the toolbar


Displays this help

Move Up

Moves the selected button up in the list of buttons

Move Down

Moves the selected button down in the list of buttons


Customize/Standard Toolbar

Customize/User Toolbar