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Contacting Technical Support

About our Technical Support: We named our company to reflect our goal of always responding promptly, courteously and professionally to our customers.  Our goal is to respond to your email or phone call either immediately or on the same business day.  Additionally, the improvements that we make to Responsive Time Logger are entirely driven by our customer input.  Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what changes or features you would like to see.  While we cannot promise to implement every suggestion, we do keep detailed records of every suggestion and strive to implement all that we can. And yes, our technical support is FREE!

IMPORTANT: Given that there may be holidays, late hours or busy times when you need help and our technical support is not immediately available, please try these three methods of finding assistance before you try to contact us:


1.Recently Updated! - Frequently Asked Questions and Common Issues - Please search here, first.  We've reviewed all of our latest Technical Support requests and attempted to put the questions, issues and their resolutions in one big easy to locate list. If you do not easily find your question in its Category, use Ctrl-F to search for your topic.


2.The Help Index - Click the "Index" tab on the upper left and scroll through the alphabetical list looking for a topic related to your issue.


3.The Help Search - If you cannot quickly find your issue topic in the FAQ's or the Help Index, click the "Search" tab on the upper left and search for your topic.


If You Experience an Error or Problem


If you encounter an error using our software, we apologize for the inconvenience.  We strive to eradicate all defects, but being human we cannot be perfect, nor can we always control how other software, operating systems and hardware interact with Responsive Time Logger.


Before contacting technical support, please try to repeat the operation in Responsive Time Logger that lead up to the error.


If the error does not occur again, then consider yourself blessed and continue with your work. There is no need to contact us in this case, unless of course it happens again.
If an error occurs intermittently, please do email us the error information (you can copy and paste Time Logger error messages) and we'll do our best to address it, though intermittent errors are often quite difficult to track down unless we can duplicate the problem.
If your error occurs consistently, please email us the error information (you can copy and paste Time Logger error messages) and we will work on resolving it for you.


Contact Us Details

Please see our Contact Us web page for our latest contact information. Or, using Time Logger, select Help/Contact Responsive Software.

NOTE: You can Upload Files to us, too.

IMPORTANT: If you want to receive our email reply, please set your SPAM filter to allow, or white-list our technical support email address. We strive to respond to email as soon we receive it.   However, email is not always 100% reliable.  Our response may get lost or blocked, or for reasons beyond our control we may not receive your email.  Please do not hesitate to re-send an email to us if you do not receive a timely response and include your phone number so that we may call you if it appears our emails are not getting through to you.