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    Configuration Window -- Time Record Files Tab

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To display this window, see the detailed directions here or:

1.Right-click the HotSync Manager's icon on the system tray
2.Choose Custom from the menu that appears.
3.Then select Time Logger, and click the Change button.
4.Finally, click on the Time Record Files tab.



By default, the Conduit/HotSync Manager will transfer time records to the time record file that was last opened.

Choose a Specific Time Records Database File for HotSyncing

If you work with several different time record files, wish to HotSync handheld records to a separate file, or use Windows Vista, you may wish (or need) to specify a specific time records database file on this window.

To do so...

1.Click the "Merge records into a specific time record database file," radio button and
2.Click the Browse button or type in the drive, path and name of the time records database file.



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