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To display this window, see the detailed directions here or:

1.Right-click the HotSync Manager's icon on the system tray
2.Choose Custom from the menu that appears.
3.Then select Time Logger, and click the Change button.
4.Finally, click on the Action tab.


If you've changed HotSync actions for any other Palm applications, you've used a window similar to this one.  It allows you decide what will happen to your time records and descriptors during a HotSync.  This window is a little more complicated than others, because you need to decide what to do with both time records and descriptors.  Also, Time Logger has a special "One-way Data Transfer" action that is not available for most other applications.

NOTE: HotSync actions are independent for time records and descriptors.  For example, you may choose an action of Do Nothing for descriptors, and Synchronize for time records.  Here's an explanation of each option:


When this option is selected, records that have been added, modified, deleted on the handheld will be added, modified, or deleted to Time Logger's PC database and vice versa.  Time Logger uses sophisticated logic to determine how to make the changes.  If the same record has been modified differently on both the PC and the handheld, Time Logger will alert you to this conflict, so that you can decide which modification to keep.  When using this option, you must not change database files (see Synchronizing with Multiple Files).

Desktop Overwrites Handheld

When this is selected, data on the PC side is copied to the handheld, overwriting any data already present there.

Handheld Overwrites Desktop

With this option, data on the handheld will be copied to, and will overwrite, data on the PC.

One-way Data Transfer

With this special option, time records will flow in one direction: from the Palm to the PC.  It is available for time records only, and is described in detail in the topic One-way Data Transfer.

Use this option in combination with Purging Time Records on your handheld.

Also use this option when in a multi-user situation where multiple handhelds HotSync with one common time records database file.

Do Nothing

When this action is selected, no records will be transferred in either direction.  That is, the databases will not be changed.


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