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    Compact/Repair Databases

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Quick Summary: Removes wasted space in the Time Logger databases and repairs any errors.  If no database is open, this resets the SQL command.

How to Get There: Advanced/Compact/Repair Databases

As records are added and deleted in a database, wasted space can be created.  This command eliminates that wasted space, and also repairs any problems in the database that can be fixed.

If, due to an error in an SQL command that you've entered or an internal error, you could conceivably have trouble opening any database.  In this case, choosing Compact/Repair Databases may be used to reset the SQL statement so that you can get the database opened.  That is, if every time you try to open a database you get an error message, try choosing this option, then retry the open.

Your computer's system may not have the files necessary to perform this operation.  This option is not available on Windows 98 systems.  Note that if you own Microsoft Access, you can compact a Time Logger database using that application.  You can also find out more about database corruption, and download a free utility for repairing databases at