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    Changing Column Layout

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"Column Layout" refers to the order and width of the fields displayed in the time record list.  This is important not only for the display in the main window, but for printed reports as well.  Time Logger uses the same layout in its main window and in the time reports – that is, the reports are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

This topic tells you how to insert, append, move, resize and hide columns.

To Insert a Column

To insert a column, pick the column to the right of where you want your new column inserted and right-click on the column heading at the top and choose Insert New Column Here.

Insert New Column Here

To Append a Column

To append a column (that is, add it to the right of all the existing columns), choose Edit/Append New Column.  When the Append New Column window appears, select the column you wish to add, and click OK.  If the column you want isn't listed, that means it's already being displayed.  You might have to scroll Time Logger's main window right or left to see it.

To insert a column somewhere else among the existing columns, first click on the column heading of the column that will be to the right of the inserted column.  That column will then be highlighted.  Next, choose Edit/Insert New Column, select the name of the column you wish to insert, and click OK.

Note that you can unselect a column by pressing Esc or choosing Edit/Unselect Column.

To Move Columns Around

It's easy to rearrange the columns with your mouse.  Just select one or more columns by clicking or dragging the mouse over the desired column headings, then clicking and dragging these selected columns to a new location.


This figure shows the screen as the Client and Description columns are being dragged to a new location to the right of the Start Time column.  When you release the mouse button, the new columns will be moved to the location indicated by the two red arrows.

To Change a Column's Width

Move the mouse cursor along the column heading until it's between two columns.  At this point, the mouse cursor will change to a vertical bar with left and right arrows radiating out from the bar.  Click and drag left or right to adjust the width of the column to the left of the cursor.

Note that you can make a column so narrow that it is not visible.  However, we recommend that you do not use this method to delete a column.

To Hide one or more Columns

Right-click on the column heading you wish to hide and select Hide This Column.

Or, highlight the column you wish to hide by clicking on it's heading.  Then press the Delete key on your keyboard or choose Edit/Delete.  You can also select multiple columns (left-click-hold on a column heading and drag your mouse left or right) and hide them all at once.