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Changed Features

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Changed Features

Resume Record

The resume selected record command works differently from the way it worked in version 3.   Now, it deletes the existing record, puts that record's information into the stopwatch, and adjusts the stopwatch's duration to include the duration of the original record.  This is described in more detail in Resume Selected Record.

Start Copy of Selected Record

This option starts the stopwatch using the same information (descriptors, etc) as the selected record, and is closer to the functionality of the old "Resume" command.

Description on a Separate Line Only on Printouts

Showing the description on a separate line is now only available for the time report.  That is, the description is always shown on the same line as the other fields when viewing the time record list on the screen.

New Way to Delete All Records

The Delete All Records option is gone, but you can achieve the same result by selecting all the records (select the first record, then move the end of the database and Shift-Click the last record) and choosing Edit/Delete.