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Cannot find time records

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I added time records, but now I cannot find them

If it seems that your time records have disappeared, please try follow these directions:

1.Do you have a filter set that excludes all time records?  Press the F6 key or Filter/Clear Filter or the tool bar button Toolbar_Clear_Filter_Active to clear the filter.


2.Are you looking in the wrong time records database file?  Click the menu option "File", then look at the numbered list of files at the bottom of the drop-down menu.  Try opening one of those to see if your time records are there (be sure to clear the Filter first: Toolbar_Clear_Filter_Active).


3.Were the records HotSynced to a different file?  If you perform a HotSync and can't find the records that were transferred, look in the HotSync log (right-click the HotSync Manager icon, and choose View Log).  That will tell you exactly where they went.  See: Where Did Those HotSync Records Go?


HotSync Log File example:



Time Records:

 6 record(s) transferred/merged to C:\Program Files\TimeLogger\sample.mdb

21 record(s) transferred/merged to handheld

 0 record(s) deleted on desktop.  0 record(s) deleted on handheld.



4.Your time records database file has a .mdb extension in the file name.  If you cannot find your file, or forgot its name, you can search for all of the .mdb type files on your computer and retrieve a list of them to see if you can find it.  See: Searching for files


TIP: If you or your users sometimes accidentally open the wrong file, you can prevent this by checking the option "Restrict all users to one Time Records database file shown below:" on the Global Options Window/Safety Tab.