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    Analyzing Time Record Information

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Once you've entered the information, you can use Time Logger to determine such things as how much time you're spending on billable versus non-billable tasks or which clients provide you with the highest profits.  You can look at how your time estimates compare with actual project durations or how your billable time varies from month to month.

Here are some questions you might answer with Time Logger:

How much time am I spending on non-billable tasks?
Am I wasting too much time in meetings?
Do I get less done on Fridays?
Which employees are billing the most hours?
How many hours did I spend on the fixed fee job?
Which work is giving me the highest profit?
How have my billings changed over time?

Since Time Logger stores all information in standard Access-format (.MDB) files, you can even use other applications to view, analyze, and print reports concerning your time record information.

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