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After HotSync databases are not identical

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Following a HotSync, the databases are not identical

After performing a HotSync, Time Logger checks internal settings to determine if the handheld database and the one on the PC were last HotSynced with each other.  If it detects that this is not the case (for various reasons), it adds a warning message to the HotSync log that looks something like this:

Following synchronization, the databases holding time records
on the PC and Handheld were not identical.  This can occur if
you reinstalled Time Logger to the Palm, copied a database file,
or purged time records.
On your PC, click on the HotSync Manager icon, change Time Logger's
HotSync actions to "Desktop overwrites Handheld" and perform
another HotSync.  See 'Troubleshooting' in Time Logger's help
for more information.

What follows is an explanation of why this happens, and what you can do about it.


Why Does This Happen?

To make sure that HotSyncs are fast, Time Logger only examines records that have been changed or deleted since the last HotSync.  This improves the speed of synchronization dramatically.  To accomplish this, Time Logger stores internal settings in each file that essentially say, "My last HotSync was  with file XYZ and this set of records were transferred" and each file will contain the same set of records.  Time Logger checks to verify that the last set of transferred records is the same between each database.  But if you replace or change one of the files somehow, each set will no longer match and Time Logger reports the error that the two databases were not identical.

This warning can also appear if you've purged time records on the handheld, but continue to use the Synchronize HotSync action.  Purging should only be used when you also select "One-way Data Transfer" for time records on the Action tab of the Conduit/HotSync manager.

This could also happen if you copy another database over your existing time record database.


What Can I Do About It?


IMPORTANT: Before taking these steps, see Backing Up your Palm Time Records Manually if you think you might have time records on your Palm that are not on your desktop.

To correct this problem,

1.Click on the HotSync manager icon
2.Choose Custom,
3.Double click on Time Logger,
4.Click the Action tab and choose "Desktop Overwrites Handheld" for the time record and/or descriptor action.  (Do not check "Set as Default").

During the next HotSync only (and only the next one, as long as you did not check "Set as Default"), the time records data on the Palm will be replaced by the time records data on the PC.  For subsequent HotSyncs, the original settings will be used.


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