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Advanced Topics (click to see list)

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Here are the links to Advanced Topics:


Combine Time Records for Same Task Automatically

Use this to have Time Logger take multiple time records for the exact same task and combine them into one time record for the current day.


Compact/Repair Databases

Use this feature to repair a time records database file if you get errors when you try to open it, or you have lots of time records and it seems slower than usual to utilize the database.


Database Editor

Use this feature to create custom SQL and reports to manage your the time records, descriptors, invoices (and payments) and clients that are in .mdb database files.


Filtering Time Records via SQL

This feature allows you to enter advanced filtering and sorting options.  While advanced understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL) is a plus, you can make simple modifications with only basic knowledge.


Import/Export File Formats

This Help section describes the file formats for importing and exporting.


Install Time Logger to a New Palm Device

If you have your old Palm device and a new one, follow these directions to begin using the new one.


Linking Descriptors

This Help section explains the intricacies of Linking Descriptors.


MDAC Files

This Help section explains what the MDAC files are and how to resolve issues related to them.


Macro Editor

Use the Macro Editor to edit Visual Basic script files that can be used to automatically control many of Time Loggers features.


Rounding: Following Industry Standards

This Help section explains how Time Logger follows industry standards for rounding time and billing amounts.


Settings (.ini)/Global Settings File

Use this feature to view the contents of the Global Settings file (timelog.ini).


Settings (.ini)/User Settings File

Use this feature to view the contents of the User's Settings file (Settings for ?????.ini) where ????? is the username.


SQL Command

Use this feature to create custom SQL for selecting and sorting time records in Time Logger's main window.


Stopwatch 2, 3, 4

Use this feature to start up to four Stopwatch windows in Time Logger.


Synchronize Clients/Users/Descriptors

Use this feature if you have lost all of your Descriptors and you want to try and recreate them.  It loads all Descriptors as not-linked.


Time Logger's Databases

This Help section explains the format of the .mdb database files that Time Logger uses.


Working With Macros

This Help section describes the very powerful macro facilities built into Time Logger.