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    Adding Time Records

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Adding a time record on the Palm is a lot like adding a record on the desktop version of Time Logger.  When you tap the New button on the main screen, the  Time Record Editor window(also known as a "form") appears.


Just as with the Time Record Editor window on the PC, you specify information about what you did and when you did it, then tap OK.  There isn't as much room on the Palm screen as on the PC, so for some fields, you'll have to tap the More button before you can edit them.

Entering Date

To enter the start or end date, tap the field you wish to change, and choose the date via the standard Palm date selection window.

Entering Time

Tap the start or end time field to display Time Logger's time entry window:


This window gives you several ways to enter the time.  Any time of day, accurate to the minute, may be entered with a maximum of three taps.

Entering Duration or Pause Duration

Tap the duration of pause field to change these values.

Choosing, Adding or Editing Descriptors

To choose from the existing descriptors, tap the down arrow next to the descriptor name.  To add a new descriptor, tap the round button with the plus sign.  To edit one or more descriptors, tap the down arrow, and select "Edit…" from the list that appears.

The window for adding or editing a descriptor looks like this:


Write in the descriptor text you want, then select the descriptor type you wish to link it to (or "Not Linked"), and the text of the descriptor to which it will be linked.  For more on linking, see Linking Descriptors.

Entering a Description

Tap the Note button to add a description.  The internal description may not be specified on the Palm.

The More Button

When you tap the More button, this window appears:


Make your changes then tap the OK button.


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