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    Adding and Editing Time Records

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Now let's take the analogy a little further.  With your paper system, you'd probably want to record more information than fits on a single line.  Thus, you could use a whole sheet of paper to describe a single time record.  It might look like this:


Tracking this much information on paper for each Time Record is nice, but realistically it would be a lot of work to do so on paper.  The great thing about Time Logger is that it provides you with this much information for each Time Record while making it quick and simple to record your details.  

Here is the window used to add or edit a Time Record.  It is called the "Time Record Editor."


This window contains your information about the time record.  When you've finished entering data, you click OK, and Time Logger automatically creates a Time Record and adds it to the Time Records List that displays in the main window of Time Logger.

Note that you can also use the stopwatch window, which looks quite similar to the Time Record Editor, to keep track of your time automatically while you work.

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